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Automotive Aftermarket Parts

ContiTech has developed a range of automotive aftermarket replacement products that deliver the ultimate in quality and value. All our Automotive Aftermarket Products are sold by our Automotive Division, ram.
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Our leading rubber compounding and reinforcement technology has been applied to all our automotive products, ensuring you not only get superior quality, but long-lasting and superior performance.

ContiTech Belts:

Fan Belts
Our fan belts, with precision machined rubber edges, maintain positive non-slip contact with the pulleys for increased power delivery

  • Treated, high strength polyester cords

  • Oil resistant square-woven backing fabric

  • Fibre-reinforced cushion section supports the cords

  • Moulded 45° Helicog construction

Poly-V Belts
Our Poly-V belts are designed for quieter performance and feature treated high-strength cords that extend belt life and prevent shock load failure.

  • Specially treated high strength cords

  • Reduction in operating noise

  • Unique 45° Elite® helicog tooth design

  • Fibre-reinforced helical cogs

  • Oil and abrasion-resistant backing fabric

Timing Belt
Our timing belts are designed to deliver precise timing over a long service life and superior performance under demanding applications.

  • Shrink resistant fibreglass cords

  • Finest quality rubber compounds

  • Precision moulded teeth

  • Tough synthetic facing fabric

ContiTech Automotive Hose:

Straight Radiator Hose
Our straight radiator hoses are designed for common coolants and straight, coolant connections in automotive and industrial applications. Straight radiator hoses meet SAE20R1 DI standard wall specifications and can withstand temperatures from -40°C to +125°C.

  • Reinforced with 2-ply synthetic rubber

  • Protected with Black EPDM Wrapped Finish cover

Rubber Fuel Hose
Our rubber fuel hoses are constructed with an oil and petrol resistant Hysunite rubber cover, which can withstand exposure to fuel, vapour, heat and moisture. Our rubber fuel hoses are manufactured to meet SAEJ30R7 specifications.

  • Minimum burst pressure 75 PSI

  • Available in 1 m, 10 m and 152 m lengths

HY-T Heater Hose
Our HY-T heater hose features EPDM synthetic rubber tubes and is covered with two spiral layers of fibre reinforcement, providing outstanding resistance against high temperatures.

  • Economical replacement for OE heater hoses

  • Temperatures range from -40° C to +125°C

Galaxy Air Conditioning Hose
Our galaxy air conditioning hose provides superior protection against refrigerant effusion in automotive air conditioning systems, is suitable for operating at temperatures ranging from -40° C to +125 °C and meets SAE J2064 “TYPE C Class 2” hose performance and SAE J51-A2 outside diameters.

  • Exceptional resistance to permeation

  • Lightweight design for more efficiency

  • Compatible with various vehicles’ A/C refrigerants

Air Brake Hose
Our air brake hose is constructed with a polyester spiral reinforcement ensuring exceptional performance and strength, and is designed for use on trucks and buses. Designed to SAE J1402 specifications.

  • Oil resistant tube and cover to resist cracking

  • Exceptional abrasion resistance

  • Dimensionally stable for excellent fitting proficiencies

ContiTech Air Springs:
Our air springs are designed to increase productivity and longevity for trucks, trailers and busses. Unlike conventional steel springs, our air springs allow you to select your own air pressure – enabling you to increase or lower pressure depending on the load being carried.

  • Increased load capacities

  • Extended driving capabilities

  • Protects hinges, lights, rivets and all trailer hardware

  • User-friendly height control

  • Allows the transportation of electrical or other sensitive equipment where vibration has to be kept to a minimum

  • Lowers overall automotive maintenance costs

All our Automotive Aftermarket Products are sold by our Automotive Division, ram. Click here for our full product offering.

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