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Power transmission belts from ContiTech Africa deliver high-quality drive solutions with proven performance in the automotive industry, together with many other industrial applications. Our power transmission belts are trusted by many original equipment manufacturers across Africa.

They retain optimum tension and maximum drive traction over a long service life with a highly efficient construction that lowers drive energy requirements.  

  • Oil, heat, abrasion and ozone resistant 
  • High-strength tension members 
  • Minimised belt vibration 
  • Static conductive 
  • Certified to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 
These power transmission belts utilise specially compounded rubber and proven synthetic fabrics, delivering high-strength, low-noise power transmission solutions that run cooler for increased productivity. 


Our range of power transmission belts include:  
  Hy-T Torque Team    Poly-V   
Banded V-Belts   Specialty Belts  
These power transmission belts are used in vertical drive shafts, clutching drives and V-flat drives. They are designed to withstand high vibration, belt-whip and shock-load stresses.  Optimal performance in high speed drives! ContiTech specialty belts provide constant speed delivery, excellent rigidity while retaining flexibility and strong gripping traction.  
Hex Belt  Poly-V 
V-Belts   Synchronous Products  
These power transmission belts are supplied in traditional, classic and narrow-profile B-belt forms. They are low-cost, quiet running and efficient, for drives from 1 – 1 000 hp.  Enjoy the best of both chain and gear and V-belts with our synchronous belts. These belts deliver minimal elongation with no metal-to-metal contact and don’t need constant lubrication.  

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Why use ContiTech power transmission belts in

your application?

Designed for peak performance 

Our power transmission belts are the ideal choice for power transmission between shafts! They provide a smooth operation with low noise, and ensure minimum stress to your motor and bearings. 

The specially engineered construction and technical design of our power transmission belts lowers your OPEX through longer optimal belt performance. They are robust and reliable, even in the harshest operating conditions. 

Research and Development 

We allocate significant resources into continuous research and development to ensure that we’re not just supplying industry-leading power transmission belts right now, but will continue to be a market leader in the future. 

We constantly use our knowledge and expertise of both materials and industrial and mechanical processes to ensure we provide optimum solutions that constantly push the fold of peak performance. 

That’s why we’re the trusted power transmission belts supplier to some of the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers! 


We have an established network of sales and support branches across southern Africa! This together with our large stockholding ensures we minimise lead times to make sure our customers enjoy maximum uptime. 

Customer Satisfaction 

We put our customers first. We have a team of drive system specialists committed to ensuring your mechanical belt drive systems run at their optimum performance efficiency to improve your bottom line. Our technical managers also offer full training curricula to ensure you keep abreast of the latest best practices in installation and maintenance of your power transmission belts.


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