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Industrial Hose Supplier

As a leading industrial hose supplier, ContiTech utilises patented high-performance rubber, synthetic rubber and reinforcement technology to improve fluid, air and material transfer across Africa’s industries.   
Our range of over 90 industrial hoses provides superior performance, flexibility and durability in the most arduous above- and below-ground applications. Our hoses utilise a variety of reinforcing technologies, including textile and steel, to provide maximum degrees of resistance to abrasive and corrosive materials and abnormal temperatures.   
As a total industrial hose supplier that boosts productivity at each stage of your operation, we further your applications through a complete range of industrial hose services, including cutting, crimping, testing and certification, customisation and support.

ContiTech is a world-leading industrial hose supplier!

Features and benefits:  
  • Large stock holdings  

  • On-site delivery and service  

  • Industrial hoses cut to your length requirements  

  • High abrasion resistance   

  • High tensile couplings   

  • Super heavy duty to lightweight rubber hoses   

  • Superior flexibility   

An industrial hose supplier for all material and air transfer operations

ContiTech is an industrial hose supplier to the mining, agriculture, hydraulic, pneumatic, food and beverage, petrochemical, marine, construction and general industry sectors.   

View our industrial hoses below:  
  Air and 


Hose    Chemical Hose    Food Hose   

Air & Multipurpose Hose  

Chemical Hose  

Food Hose  

Layflat Hose  Material 

Handling Hose  Mining Hose 

Layflat Hose  

Material Handling Hose  

Mining Hose  


Transfer Hose  Spray Hose  Steam Hose 

Petroleum Transfer Hose  

Spray Hose  

Steam Hose  

Vacuum Hose  Water Suction and Discharge Hose 

Vacuum Hose  

Water Suction & Discharge Hose  


Known for high-resistance durability that stems from our innovative rubber compounding and reinforcement technology, ContiTech is the preferred industrial hose supplier for conveyance applications across Africa.
Cutting and crimping (6 mm internal diameter to 100 mm internal diameter)  

ContiTech industrial hoses are crimped, cut and pressure tested at our state-of-the-art testing facility. We understand the unique requirements of a wide range of industrial applications, and provide appropriate, application-specific solutions for each one.

Destructive testing:

In a destructive test, a length of rubber hose is pressurised, with the exact burst pressure being recorded. Our hold tests also determine if weaknesses develop as a result of exposure to high pressures over extended periods of time.

Non-destructive testing:
We perform a wide range of non-destructive tests on your industrial hoses, including:

  • Proof pressure tests  

  • Change in length tests (elongation and contraction)  

  • Change in outside diameter or circumference tests  

  • Warp tests   

  • Rise tests   

  • Twist tests   

  • Kink tests   

  • Volumetric expansion tests   


56 worldwide R&D locations driving the world’s toughest industrial hose

ContiTech is a leading industrial hose supplier technologist. Backed by over 100 years of R&D, application knowledge and experience, our industrial hoses maximise your fluid, air and material transfer capabilities.

Drive piece of mind to your operation with an industrial hose supplier you can rely on.  

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