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Conveyor Belt Service Branches


We offer a comprehensive range of conveyor belt services to minimise customer
Our services are offered 24/7, 365 days a year. 
Our conveyor belt repair experts are at your
Location  Branch Manager  E-mail  Phone 
Africa   Marcus
Appasamy    +27 11 248 9326
+27 82 898 5635 
Bostswana   Johan Meyer    +267 71 32 3726
+264 241 7278 
Kathu   Gideon
Lombaard    +27 72 765 2222
+27 53 723 1032/3 
Quinton Webb   +27 82 322 4990
+27 82 324 8208 
Saldahna   Gideon
Lombaard    +27 72 765 2222
+27 53 723 1032/3 
Secunda   Derus Berg   +27 83 419 7357
+27 17 631 3540 
West Coast   Gideon
Lombaard   +27 72 765 2222  
Witbank   Riaan van
Niekerk   +27 82 570 5644
+27 13 697 3805/6 
Our specialised on-site services include: 
  • Conveyor Maintenance
    Overall conveyor maintenance includes the repair and replacement of non-belt components that are reaching the end of their service life, or which have been
    worn out over time, such as idlers and pulleys.

  • Hot Vulcanising, Cold Vulcanising and Repairs
    We offer hot and cold vulcanising and repairs utilising the latest equipment and technology that the industry has to offer.

    Repairs to longitudinal tears, damaged edges and impact gouges on all sections
    of a conveyor belt are possible. Large and small belt repairs are done, curing and cutting when necessary.

  • Pulley Lagging
    Pulley inspections and repairs are done to eliminate potential damage to equipment and the conveyor belt.
  • Rubber Lining
    A high content natural rubber compound is used to reduce friction, wear and tear
    on metal parts (chutes, pipes, launders and tanks). This extends the service life
    and limits metal fatigue and damage.

  • Belt Inspections
    Regular belt inspections on the rubber and mechanical components of a conveyor belt structure limit potential breakdowns and costly downtime.
  • Belt Winding Service
    Mobile teams and equipment are available to recover and facilitate repairs and disposal of belts.

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