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Conveyor Belt Monitoring Systems

Conveyor belt monitoring systems from ContiTech are designed to increase your production by monitoring the condition of your belt and alerting you to problems,
such as common belt rips, before they escalate.
Our commitment to ensuring that your belt always operates at optimum efficiency has resulted in this range of conveyor belt monitoring systems that have been developed
and refined through our global R&D.
Our range of conveyor belt monitoring systems includes:  
  Cord Guard Condition Monitoring     Belt Rip Detection      

Cord Guard™Condition Monitoring System  

Belt Rip Detection  

Our conveyor belt monitoring systems, Total Guard™ and Cord Guard™ can protect your conveyor belt by pinpointing the exact location of any potential problems as soon as they occur, then stopping the belt to allow for efficient damage prevention.  

Our state-of-the-art belt rip detection technology includes Sensor Guard® and Cord Guard XD™ and is able to detect rips before they damage your textile-reinforced belts or steel cord belts  

Features and benefits:
  • Prolong the lifespan of your conveyor belt  

  • Minimise unplanned stoppages  

  • Protect conveyor belt and material conveyed  

  • Real-time monitoring  

  • Recordable results  

  • Easy to interpret data  

  • Preventative maintenance  

Our condition monitoring systems address REAL conveying concerns in REAL time  

We have created this line of conveyor belt monitoring systems according to what the
market demands: detecting conveyor belt problems before they either destroy the whole system, or shut down operation completely.
We assess your needs and objectives and then
strive to find a better solution through our
product innovation.

Our sales associates and aftersales services are our commitment to ensuring your conveyor belt always operates at optimum efficiency.

To keep your operation running, we have created an extensive range of technical
products, on-site splicing and on-site training, all available through our various
services branches across Africa 24/7, 365 days a year.
ContiTech with global R&D  

Research and development is one of our brand’s strongest qualities providing premium
belt protection, detection and condition monitoring. Supported with over 100 years of application knowledge and experience, this helps us deliver premium technical products
that are able to ensure optimal productivity and minimise downtime.
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